Three Easy Ways to Update Your Child’s Bedroom

Change may be hard for children to process. However, updating their bedroom is one changing situation where they may be ecstatic.

Updating your child’s bedroom may be a lot of fun. It’s fun to change their room up from baby decor to elementary school-aged or middle school-aged decor.

Below, we’ll explore a few easy ways to update your child’s room.

child's bedroom
child on a bed

Change Out their Bed/Bedding

Nothing says “I’m growing up” more than switching from a Power Rangers bedspread to a simple, nondescript patterned bedding.

You can head to your local home goods store and pick out the perfect bedding with your child. You can even get them a bigger bed, which they will be able to grow into overtime.

Simply switching out a headboard can be a great update to your child’s room, as well.

Change the Flooring

If you are looking for a more impactful change, switching out the flooring is always a good idea. You can choose carpet or authentic hardwood floors for your child’s room.

Carpet is a good idea if your child tends to get cold, and the different types of quality carpet come with different types of carpet prices. You can choose the carpet prices that are the best for your wallet.

Not only is carpet affordable, but it’s also preferable. In fact, 44% of homeowners say they like a carpet in the bedroom.

All carpet and carpet prices talk aside, you can even opt-out and choose to just go with standard hardwood flooring. It’s a more classic and clean look, which may be better for your child’s room.

Below, we’ll explore a few easy ways to update your child’s room.

Child bedroom
child bedroom wals


Painting is always an obvious option, even though it is a little more time-consuming.

If you want to change the way your child’s walls look but don’t have the time to commit to painting, applying a wall decal is an easy solution.

Wall decals are preferred by many homeowners because of their ease of installation and removal. There are even wall decal wallpaper options available, which cover more space.

Changing your child’s room is exciting. There are so many things you can do to easily switch up the look! There’s no reason not to start the change today. Use your newfound knowledge for good!